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"gift to myself" cards

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A very special gift card 

If you wish to buy someone a present or to buy yourself one, then we are happy to give you a present too. Here comes the era of hollington's "gift to myself" cards. For any purchase of a card "gift to myself" you will receive a second gift card in the amount of 20 % of the chosen value. For example, if you take a gift card of 100 € we will send you an additional card of 20 €.


100 € purchased - your gift to yourself

20 € offered - our gift to you

150 €

30 €

200 €

40 €

250 €

50 €

... and so on.

Yes, that is a discount of 20 % renewable and unlimited, cumulative with the other offers. This card is valid for a year from its date of purchase. This program runs until September 16, 2023.

After buying this gift card in store or online, you may use it: when the expected collections is delivered, when you fancy a new garment outside the sales period, when a new piece is delivered - still in store as on our website.

In addition to the joy of pleasing you, it is an advantageous form of crowdfunding that we are offering. Our historical factories close one after the other, and we have to look for new ones. We also need time to reassort our collections, our exclusive fabrics being difficult to reproduce elsewhere. This research takes time and money, and is essential to preserve the quality of our products and hollington's independence. However, financing conditions have also become less favourable.

Here is a win-win formula which makes you benefit from a discount and which gives us a room for manoeuvre by allowing us to prefund the production cycle and buy the fabrics upstream.

We are counting on your legendary enthusiasm and energy!