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hollington shirts

our Spring shirt collection has arrived

denim double indigo hollington

elegance otherwise

In town, in the countryside, at home or at work, during daytime as in the evening, take care of your style in all circumstances. hollington is unique, chic, durable and timeless.

exceptional materials

At hollington, we enjoy sharing the taste of fine fabrics. Wear fabrics that have texture, original designs, woven by passionate craftspeople and conceived from noble, natural materials.

sharp colours

Giverny Blue, Rembrandt Brown, Ripe Wheat, Pompeii Red, Cognac, Parchment, Havana & Ocher, Jade, Ebony, Twilight Grey, Old Gold, Turkish Coffee: all colours are at Hollington.


Colours, Materials, Pop series: When Ottmane Gums Meets hollington

Ottmane Gums designs and manufactures bamboo bicycles. In addition to being practical and comfortable, they are beautiful and ecological.

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la maison hollington

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my very own hollington

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