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very chic
since 1974

A unique style

Our garments highlight your personality, your choices, and your convictions. At hollington, the lines are inspired by Scandinavian design and the Bauhaus. A hollington garment is an affirmation of your passion for beautiful things.

Exceptional materials

At hollington, we enjoy sharing the taste for beautiful fabrics. Our fabrics have texture, original designs, and are woven by craftsmen in love with their work. They are conceived from noble, natural materials.

A garment that frees you

Do not be a slave to your elegance. Our clothes accompany you in life for both small and large occasions. Their cut is neat and comfortable. They have a multitude of tips, details and pockets that will make your daily life easier.

fall / winter 2020

Soufiane Guerrab, a modest and radiant optimism

“We have to know how to live in harmony with all that is around us, be it plants, animals ... I have the impression that we’re a bit the little thugs on this planet. We're the only ones messing around. Hopefully this disease will calm us down, make us realize that just being able to breathe, go out, live, are the most important things. We owe it to pay attention to the people we love, to what is around us, to enjoy the present moment to the fullest.”

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