team and service

the hollington store: a meeting place

hollington is much more than a store. For 40 years, in the heart of Paris, it has been a meeting point anchored on the Left Bank, surrounded by art galleries, bookstores and major universities. hollington, now a collective adventure, was born from the ambition of a man apart: big mouth and generous, demanding and amused, Patric Hollington presented himself as an Irishman in Paris. A little Italian, a little British, a little Basque and… very Parisian, he was, in fact, a European. The house he created is just like him. Its careful production meets the requirements of fairness and precision, the ones of chic and collectedness and also, some customers whisper, the imperative of unequalled comfort.

the hollington team: a precise and smiling advice

When you enter the store, an advisor greets you, who introduces you to the hollington world and accompanies you during your visit. At hollington, buying a piece of clothing often turns into a conversation – and sometimes even into a smiling debate. The benevolent dialogue is not lacking in humour, precision or erudition. Whether you're wishing to explore the history of a cut or of a material, or expect expert advice in elegance and style, you will find that Patric Hollington has passed on to each hollington advisor his demands for chic and mellowness.

the hollington finish: a service offered to your figure

At hollington, to keep your appearance flawless, all clothing can be finished to your measurements. The adjustment of the bottom of the jacket sleeves and the bottom of the pants is offered to you all year round except during sales weeks. Your hollington advisor can also advise you on more specific alterations such as changing the waistband of pants or the length of a jacket; in this case, however, the alterations will be at your expense. Most often, you can come and pick up your finished clothes the following week. If you live outside of Paris or abroad, we will try to deliver your garment the same day. And if that proves impossible, we will ship it to your home!

the hollington website: a guaranteed service

The same quality of reception as in the store is offered on our website. Yet hollington clothing ordered there is shipped unfinished. Indeed, the finish of a garment depends on its cut and its fabric and can vary from one model to another. Thanks to the store pick-up service, you can place your order online and then come and try it rue Racine so that we can finish your clothes to your exact measurement.

My Very Own Hollington: the unique garment service

MVOH is our unique clothing service. Available at n ° 7 rue Racine, it allows you to order THE hollington clothing you have always dreamed of by selecting your model, your fabrics and your specific finishes. To support you in your choices and the design of your clothing, Christine, hollington expert for over 20 years, is by your side throughout this enjoyable experience. My Very Own Hollington is open by appointment only: contact Christine by email or by calling +33 (0)1 43 25 54 79.

the hollington Clinic: a second life for your favorite pieces

At hollington, clothes get better with age; their materials get more character over time. They become your second skin and you wear them for years. We know that you can be very attached to a particular piece and it is difficult to know where to turn for maintenance or repair. The hollington Clinic is there for that! At the Clinic we restore, we transform, we sew and we patch up with elegance and cunning. Many things are possible there, from the simple replacement of buttons to the complete change of your lining. Bring us your damaged clothing: we will offer you a quote a few days later. The repair time and price naturally vary depending on the work to be done. For hygienic reasons, we ask you to drop us a clean garment.

the tax refund: a hollington choice

If you live outside the European Union and the Schengen area and you make a purchase of more than € 100, hollington offers a tax refund service. We give you 12% value added tax exemption (the tax refund is optional in France). To be able to benefit from this, don’t forget to bring an identity document! After completing and signing your contract, the sales team will explain the steps to follow. On the day of your return journey, you will need to have this contract validated during customs control at your exit point from the European Union. Please note: the customs service may ask you to present the goods concerned by the tax refund. Once this is done, hollington will receive permission to credit the tax refund to your credit card.