hollington clinic

what is the hollington Clinic?

At hollington, we offer clothes that last and improve over time, with materials that live and age. Clothes that become your second skin and that you wear for years, or sometimes even for life.

We know that some of you are very attached to your favourite pieces and it is difficult to know where to ask for the best maintenance and repair. The hollington Clinic is there for that! This service allows you to repair your clothing and sometimes even give it a second life.

At the Clinic we restore, we transform, we sew and we patch up with elegance and cunning. Many things are possible there, from the simple replacement of buttons to the complete change of your lining. The Clinic is the service of all possibilities: the snags do not scare us, and the "indelible" stain of ink or fat has little chance of survival.

what can the hollington Clinic do, for example?

bending, ease, lining, pockets

Do you need to change the lining of your jacket, bend your garment or on the contrary give it more comfort? We recommend that you favour the hollington Clinic so that the architecture of the garment and its construction are preserved.

Have you gotten into the habit of filling pockets and, by dint of use, the seams come off? The Clinic offers a lot of good tips to have them repaired.

snags, stains

No need to put an inelegant patch or to play with the iron-on to repair your snags: we take up and hide with elegance and delicacy all daily disasters.

After signing your last book, storing your pen in your 20-pocket waistcoat, disaster: the ink of the pen flows and spills over the waistcoat. So you think of Grandma's recipe – salt, magic powder – but it doesn't work? Do not panic, it is possible that our dry cleaning can find a solution for you.

belt, legs, hems

On your hollington pants, the majority of the belts are fitted and sewn so that they can be widened or tightened. So, if you have eaten too much during the holidays and the waistband of your pants has become tight, bring your pants to the Clinic!

Obviously, it also works in reverse. Are you anxious not to be able to make your architectural project on time, you have lost weight and your pants are too wide? Bring your pants to the Clinic!

You would like to redo the hem, the lapel or transform the length of your pants to give it a new style? The Clinic does that too, and even lets you change the width of your leg.

how to use the Clinic?

Come to the hollington store with your damaged garment: we will offer you a quote a few days later. The repair time and price naturally vary depending on the work to be done.

For hygienic reasons, we ask you to leave us a clean garment. If you can't find the time to ask the dry cleaner, hollington will use its own and charge you for the cleaning.

As soon as the repair is complete, we will call you and you can come and pick up the item.