At 50, hollington is more than ever the home of denim

hollington denim mai le mois du denim

The "Toile de Nimes" is at hollington since the first days

With us, the "canvas from Nimes" is the result of a long history, Patric working from the beginning with denims of all origins!

Building on this heritage, our current denims are woven in Tuscany, not far from Florence. They are produced especially for us, according to specific indications. The weft yarn is black (not white, as is most often the case) and the warp yarn is a double indigo, resulting in a very dense dark blue, deep colour.

This basic canvas is tough enough to last for years, yet light enough to be worn (almost) all year round. It contains a little elastane to enhance this everyday comfort, and has been washed once before sale, to combine the advantages of a "raw" canvas and those of a treated canvas: character, style, but no shrinkage to mess it up at the first wash.



Fabric Washed or Garment Washed ?

From the basic fabric described above, we work in two ways: either the fabric is washed directly in the factory before being cut and sewn (Fabric Washed denim), or it is washed once the garment has been manufactured (Garment Washed denim).

Why do we use these two separate methods? Fabric Washed denim results in clothes with clean seams and an urban look. The obtained colour is not too dense, and thus highlights the quality of the canvas weave. It is a denim with a beautiful structure, which almost makes you forget its industrious origins. Garment Washed denim is better known, but at hollington the very specific light wash is meant to achieve a deep blue indigo. Everything is done to also obtain a "soapy" hand, i.e. a fabric with a pleasant touch. To keep the intensity of the blue as it is, we advise you to favour dry cleaning. If you prefer machine washing, choose a delicate wash followed by natural, flat drying: your garment's patina will build with time.
If you order a complete denim suit, don't forget to match top and bottom by looking carefully at the product title, Fabric or Garment Washed.

A wide range of trousers, jacket and waistcoat cuts

This season, to celebrate this great comeback of denim, we are offering a substantial choice of denim pieces! There are several trousers’ shapes to suit all sizes, and several types of jackets: the carpenter-collar Lyon jacket and "collarless" jackets, such as our classic Tyrol, the sophisticated Architecte, and our indulgent Shirt-jacket, which dresses gentlemen with more... advantages so well.



Added to this are the Sleeveless Jacket, which is especially nice in the summer, and the 20-Pocket Waistcoat – 19 according to the most recent count, but that may change – which is coming soon, as well as the very practical Patch Pockets waistcoat.

Other, more unusual denim pieces are to come: the Dumont, our short jacket, or the Naipaul, our overshirt.


This season's bestseller: our denim shirt

It's the great novelty of the season and it's already your favourite: the raw denim Nehru-collar shirt! It is cut in a denim with a nice texture effect, blending cotton and hemp. This raw, dense fabric owes to the irregularities of its yarn (produced in France) the natural aspect of its material, on which indigo dye stabilises unevenly.

For the first time we use press studs! In metal and denim-coloured mother-of-pearl, they are magnificent.

For a relaxed chic look, wear it over coloured trousers with trainers or, why not, with jeans and a leather jacket. But hurry, there aren't many left in stock.

How should I maintain my jeans?

It will seem strange to the less informed among you, but the less you wash the jeans, the better they look in time. What is be more beautiful than the traces of time? The function of a work canvas is to resist time and harsh weather, but also movements – yours and those of the washing machine: in wanting to kill germs at all costs, we often bake our jeans by washing them too hard and too often.

At hollington, we recommend dry cleaning the first few times. This will set the indigo bath. Keep this habit if you want to keep the blue very dark. If not, opt for a delicate machine wash, at 30° maximum, so that the garment gradually takes on your unique patina.


Denim +

To celebrate this majestic return of denim, we are offering you a 15% reduction voucher for the purchase of a denim piece. Use it on your next basket until June 22, 2023, in store and on the website

At 50, hollington is more than ever the home of denim