hollington goes green!

An eco-friendly and reusable package

We have been looking for a greener shipping method for your orders for a long time, and we finally found Hipli! It is a service that reuses packages up to a hundred times. Reshipment is very simple and greatly limits the production of waste.


A simple and practical method

Once you have received your hollington order, simply fold up the flexible packaging and slip it into the small pouch provided. It is pre-franked: all you have to do is put it in a letterbox, along with your regular mail.


I receive my package

hipli et hollington

The reshipment pouch is inside

hipli et hollington

I fold the packaging and put it in the pouch

I drop the pouch in any mailbox

hipli et hollington

hipli et hollington

Léa and Anne-Sophie, co-founders of Hipli, created this service in Le Havre to minimize the impact of our shipments on the environment. When the pouch reaches the warehouse, the packaging is cleaned and disinfected before leaving for a new shipment.

A gift from hollington

We have chosen Hipli as a favor to do to our planet, and we have chosen to offer it to you as a gift. In return, talk about it around you! It is small, everyday gestures that make huge changes. At the moment, only two sizes of packaging are available, but development research in Le Havre is underway for your larger packages.



Hipli is for us, for you and above all for our planet!