Colours, Materials, Pop series: When Ottmane Gums Meets hollington


Ottmane Gums designs and manufactures bamboo bicycles. In addition to being practical and comfortable, they are beautiful and ecological. The notion of 'sustainability' is essential for Ottman and that makes sense for us at hollington – even if we did not know it's called that, what we have been doing for decades. With these things in common, we were likely to get along ...

Two years ago, at the beginning of the first French lockdown, Ottmane Gums lands from Los Angeles. While all the shops are closed, Ottmane meets Alban outdoors and talks about "metavers", "NFT", and much more. While Ottmane certainly speaks in French, Alban feels like he is understanding a word and a concept on two. Despites that, he appreciates Ottmane's state of mind: he offers to lend him part of the shop on 7 rue Racine so that he can carry out his plans.

A photo shoot unlike our routine 

One thing leading to another, one day Ottman suggests doing a photo shoot with our clothes. He wants artists and friends of him to wear them. His world is hip hop, skateboarding, sneakers and street art – a priori, it has little to do with hollington habits. But why not? Taking hollington style out of its comfort zone can be interesting ...

Here's the result!

Seeing the first videos and the first photos, we were impressed. Then enchanted. So we thought that in such difficult times, a little fantasy and change might tickle your curiosity. Here is as an exclusive the photos produced by our friend Ottmane Gums. Conclusion: Whatever the context, a hollington piece always remains a hollington piece.


hollington x Ottmane Gums