la maison hollington

hollington, men's elegance since 1974

At the end of the 1950s, Patric Hollington settles down in Paris once and for all. This aesthete of Irish descent is fascinated by architecture and opera, Bauhaus and jazz, Scandinavian design and Russian music – and by any art that arouses his curiosity. In turns a secret agent, a journalist, a talent finder for a textile buying office, he eventually joins forces with designer Michel Schreiber. Together, they reinvent the codes of male elegance and wardrobe. They liberate men from the suit-and-tie constraint without depriving them of a refined distinction. In 1974, Patric Hollington decides to stand on his own two feet and launches the brand that bears his name by opening his store in the heart of the Left Bank.

Patric Hollington

You who like structure and beautiful materials, who like deep colours and simple, balanced lines, you will love the hollington line. It offers you neat, original clothes without being eccentric. All are comfortable and practical, often presenting numerous pockets without sacrificing style. A hollington garment is designed and thought to allow you to stand out without pretension.

Our fabrics, chosen with care, are noble. They come from the best Italian, Japanese, English, Scottish, Belgian or French weavers. Their raw materials are natural and always have texture. Patric Hollington liked to repeat, "My clothes are fabric and nothing else."


The man who dresses at hollington comes to seek this timeless elegance, which underlines and accompanies his personality, which resists fashion. Wearing hollington clothes also means being noticed, looked at, and sometimes examined: you will be dressed in a special way without upsetting all the codes of masculine chic. Thus, our customers often practice a public activity: architect, artist, professor ... They are "personalities" in the first sense of the term; they want to stand out without lacking in taste.

The hollington style is a mixture of bohemian chic, architectural rigor and the practical aspects of work clothing. It is the clarity of the Bauhaus meeting a jazz improvisation. It is also a style bearing the values ​​of loyalty and attachment to craftsmen proud of their work and their know-how. By visiting our boutique on rue Racine or our website, you will be tempted by this originality devoid of ostentation and enter hollington Club.