How to choose the size of your trousers?

At hollington, different models of trousers are available to you; whatever the cut, you should always refer to the waist width.

To measure this width correctly, we advise you to choose the ones of your trousers that suit you best and lay them flat, buttoned, on a table. Using a metric tape, measure the waist of the trousers from side to side, as shown below.

You will get a value in centimetres, which determines your trousers size at hollington.

For example:

  • if you get between 46 and 47 cm, you are a size 46 in trousers.
  • if you are between 50 and 51 cm, you are a size 50 in trousers.

For more details, please refer to the size guide appearing on the sheet of the desired product.